Faction Overview: Rashaar

Author: WookieeGunner - Published 2020-01-18 09:18 - (218 Reads)

Beings from the other side of the Rent, the Rashaar are creatures from beneath the waves. Able to mate with humans, their offspring have brought forth a new enlightenment to Venice, as the word of Dagon is spread to the masses.

Faction Overview: The Guild

Author: WookieeGunner - Published 2020-01-11 00:30 - (456 Reads)

As the cataclysms from the Rent died down, the various guilds found protection, and prosperity in the merging of themselves into a single new organization. This organization, known simply as the Guild, now handles all aspects of operations both legal, and illegal. Ran by the mysterious council of thieves, it is often the best hope for the poor’s well-being.

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