The Church of Dagon: A monsterless Rashaar list

Author: System Administrator - Published 2020-03-28 06:06 - (960 Reads)

While the Rashaar are known as the Monster faction, they are also known to be religious fanatics. This article discusses such a list which includes no Rashaar monsters.

Model Assembly: Tools of the Trade

Author: System Administrator - Published 2020-03-21 05:00 - (983 Reads)

Assembling Carnevale models are pretty easy, but they do require some tools that a lot of people don't have. There are also some tools that while not necessary, definitely make life easier.

Scenario: Monster Hunt

Author: System Administrator - Published 2020-03-14 09:56 - (1042 Reads)

On the darkness night, the Rashaar brought forth the mighty Morgraur. Now, the citizens of Venice must band together to hunt it down before it can destroy everything in its path.

Faction Overview: The Gifted

Author: System Administrator - Published 2020-03-07 04:01 - (963 Reads)

With the opening of the Rent, magic has poured into this world. For some, magic comes forth in spells and other tools of wizards and sorcerers. For others though, magic comes in paranormal abilities granting them powers beyond mortal men. These special individuals are known as the Gifted as they travel around Venice working for any who peak their fancy or can afford to pay their prices.

Faction Overview: The Strigoi

Author: System Administrator - Published 2020-02-29 08:30 - (1409 Reads)

Before the Rent, magic was a thing of legend, stories of those Gifted with abilities beyond those of normal people. One of these was the noble Vlad Dracul. Gifted with the ability to take the life force of others, he found that he could also grant his ability to others. Traveling Europe he amassed an army. With the opening of the Rent, his army of Strigoi have expanded, incorporating not only noble and serf, but even the creatures from the Rent itself.

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