Who they are: The Gifted is the mercenary faction of Carnevale. Unique amongst the factions, they trade their faction-wide command ability for a special rule that allows their models to be hired into other factions. That being said, they can also be played as their own faction, most often via the Commedia Del Arte.

How they play: Mostly they play as a way to fix holes in the other factions. When played as a faction though, they tend to be a highly elite army. With no lower cost models, the player will find that he will often be out activated. This means that each model needs to have a specific task that it is there for. Fortunately, the one leader (as of this writing) has 6 command points that allows the use of extra AP’s to maximize each activation.

Sample Lists: Due to their elite nature, the faction starter box is actually a 100 Ducat list on its own. With this box set you actually get one Leader and four Henchmen. Don’t let this discourage you as these Henchmen can do the work of Heroes.

Il Capitano is a nice combat piece who can attack models outside of their range. He also has a command ability that allows 2 schemers to get a free move, effectively saving 1 command point over them each spending one command point each for extra AP.

Your mage is Il Dottere with a Will of 7 allowing him to function at a level above other non-Doctor mages.

Il Pantalone is a disruption piece, that can hit multiple models if they are clustered along with being able to steal objectives off of opponents while replenishing Will Points and then using slippery to get away.

Il Columbina is a nice toolbox character who can use her command ability to bolster the stat she needs at the moment, and then returning that Command Point at the expense of an opponents (or friends) Will Point. Also, here command points can be used for initiative rolls if you expend all of Il Pantalone.

Finally we have Brighella, who makes an excellent sniper character to take out key models.