The rules for creating a gang is very simplistic, the models must be of the same faction (with the exception of The Gifted) and the gang must have one leader and no more heroes than a henchman. Fortunately, each box is made up of models of only one faction, which just leaves the model types. While this list won't go over the contents of each box (feel free to go to TTCombat's wonderful site for that) here is a list of all the boxes (as of March 13, 2020) that meet the requirements for a basic gang along with the points of the contents.




Rashaar Starter Gang (points: 69)

Rashaar Starter  

Church Of Dagon (points: 74)

Church Of Dagon  



The Guild

The Guild Starter Gang (points: 69)

Guild Starter  

Prince's Court (points: 75)

Prince's Court

 Pulcinellas (points: 52)


House of Virtue (points: 69)

House Of Virtue  



The Gifted

Gifted Commedia dell'Arte (points: 100)




The Patricians

Patricians Starter Gang (points: 70)

Patricians Starter  

City Guard (points: 73)

City Guard  




Strigoi Starter Gang (points: 68)

Strigoi Starter  

Romani Caravan (points: 73)




The Doctors

The Doctors Starter Gang (points: 68)

Doctros Starter  

Aether-Psychology (points: 62)

Aether Psychology  

Monstrous Menagerie  (points: 70)

Monstrous Menagerie




The Vatican

The Vatican Starter Gang  (points: 70)

Vatican Starter  

Armed Forces (points: 77)

Armed Forces  

Dogmatists  (points: 67)