Vencie by Rent Light is a site dedicated to the game: Carnevale by TTCombat. The year is 1795, two years ago a Rent has mysteriously appeared appear ravishing Europe. Venice, the city of canals, miraculously comes away relatively unscathed. Now, Venice has become a center of commerce, the alleyways filled of the hustle and bustle of commerce, but at night, when the light of the Rent shines down, those same alleyways are filled with other things. From Nobles, drunk on their power and high on the drugs they have imbibed, to Doctors looking for their next experiment, to things from beyond the Rent, Venice is no longer the place it once was, but is now a place of magic and danger around every corner. Carnevale is a narrative skirmish wargame, where players use a gang of 5-7 miniatures to claim objectives. The game is fast paced and designed to create a cinematic experience for both players. From launching their units off of barrels to clear the canals, to throwing your enemies off rooftops, every game with have stories the players will want to talk about for years to come. (Want to know more? A fan run wiki with the rules can be found here: Rules Wiki