Greetings.  This is a basic introduction to the Carnevale Tabletop Simulator Mod.  You can find the mod at  Simply subscribe at that link to be able to create games.  (Note:  Photos can be clicked on for a larger version)


Board Area

The mod is set up to allow up to four players.

The base table already has street tiles laid out to make it easier to create Venice.  You can move your mouse over the tile and click the delete key or right clicking on the tile and choose delete.  If you accidentally delete a tile and want to replace it, there are extra tiles in one of the terrain bags to the right of the main board. 


Full Board With Tiles  

Terrain Bags

These bags are infinite bags so that you can pull out as many pieces as you want.

Overhead Terrain Cropped  

The bags are as follows:
1) Cobblestone street pieces
2) Single crates that can be used as obstacles
3) Stack of crates that can be used as taller obstacles to jump onto rooftops

4-6) These are single story buildings in different colors
7) Bridges to connect street pieces
8) Half crates that can be used as detritus pieces
9) Counters to track the Life, Will, and Command points of a model
10-12) These are two story buildings in different colors

There is also a gondola that can be placed on the baord if it is needed.  For addtional gondola's, right click on this one, choose copy, and then use Ctl-V to paste an addtional one onto the board.

Pieces can simply be pulled out of the bag and dropped wherever you want it.

Locking the Terrain

Once you place all the terrain, it is recommended that you select all the pieces by selecting a point above and to the left of the terrain and then — with the left mouse button held down — drag the mouse to the bottom right corner so all the pieces are highlighted yello.

Once you have the pieces highlighted:  Mouse over one fo the terrain pieces and press the L key to lock them in place so they cannot be knocked over during game play.

Here is a picture of the board as the L key is being pressed.



Faction Bags

Across the board fromt eh terrain bags is a set of bags with the models and stat cards for each of the factions.

Overhead Factions Cropped  

There are three bags for each faction to allow multiple players to use the same faction.  Each bag has a complete selection of standees and stat cards.  Once you have chosen a faction, you can right click the bag and select “Search” option to see the standees and stat cards.

Strigoi Bag List Cropped  

Due to a limitation of Tabletop Simulator, the stat cards do not accurately preview, but everything is labeled as to what they are.


Player Area

Along each edge of the board is a setup for each player

Dice And Templates  

The setup includes dice, a dice box, templates, quick reference, and abilities sheet.  The rest of the edge is available to place stat cards and counters.


Life, Will, and Command Point Counter

Along with the terrain, in the third row above the two story buildings is a bag that contains counters that can be used to track a unit's Life, Will, and Command points.  The counter starts with some default values, but each value can be raised or lowered by the arrows around the value.

HP Up And Down  


Quick Reference and Abilities Sheets

These two sheets are copies of the Quick Reference and Abilities Sheet.

Quick Reference  

If you wish to see a close up, move the mouse hand over the relavent sheet and hold the alt key.  You can then use the mouse's scroll wheel to switch between the two pages of the relevant pdf file.



There are no dedicated ruleers in the mod, but Tabletop Simulator has a wonderful ruler feature.

Ruler Icon  

It does require you to make sure it is set correctly.  Click on the icon and make sure the settings that scroll out look like this:

Line Config  

Once set correctly, this feature will allow you to measure from any two points on the map.

You can measure horizontally via a top down look:

Measuring Between Barrels Cropped  

You can even use the built-in ruler tool to measure that massive diagonal jump from a rooftop!

Diagonal Measurement