Recently I answerred a question about making a Rashaar list without monsters ( ).  I had already been planning to make a gang from the boxes I mentioned in that article, though at the time I didn't have one of those boxes.  Now that I do, let's look in more detail in how I go through building a list, assembling the models, and painting the models.  Will I pick the same units when I am taking notes as I did when I was just making a quick list?  Let's find out together.


Unit overview:


Voice of Dagon:


The Voice of Dagon is a low level Mage, has Expert Sorcery so gets a second spell.  He has a good Command Point stat with 5, useful with his ability to hand out Stun.  He's also a bit tanky with his Universal Shielding.




She also has command points.  I'm a bit paranoid about having only a single unit with Command Points to roll for Iniative so I like this model for that.  In addition, the handing out of fear will help this gangs lack of a lot of really strong pieces.

Cult Enforcer:


The stats are a bit average, with 4's across the board.  The Expert Offense and Expert Protection does boost his hitting and surviving a bit.  That being said, other than stun, the weapons are a bit lackluster, swapping a point of Evasion for stun, otherwise it's a sword.



Looking over the herder again, it might actually be better than the Cult Enforcer.  They don't have the Expert Offense and Expert Protection of the Cult Enforcer, but does have a 2" reach on their weapon which allows him to attack around another base.

Dagonite Priest:


A second mage in the group is always a great idea, especially given that at the time of this article the dispel rules have 6" bubbles.  He's also a better mage than the Voice of Dagon and has a way to recover Willpower, though I worry if he is getting that close to enemy models.




Urchin Running  

The Urchin has the Pickpocket and Slippery combo that can be so useful in objective scenario.  That being said, they have Mindless so you need to have someone to take those stolen objectives from them.  


Dagon Officiant:

Officiant Running  

Honestly, the Officiant basically feels like a warm body.  Nothing special that keeps brings them to the list, but they might do well for that objective guard the Urchin needs.  

The List

So now let's put the list back together.  All the models from both lists are 131 points, so we need to 


The leader is once again the Voice of Dagon of course. 

I still like the Demogogue and the Priest for their backup potential.  Now we need the thug.  Originally I went with the Cult Enforcer, but after looking closer, I think I like the Herder better, that extra inch of range is often useful and the Fear from the Demogogue makes the Enforcer's Expert Offense less important.

So if we drop the Enforcer, we have three heroes, so now we need at least three henchmen.  The box comes with two urchins, their cheap and useful so we will take both of them.  If we only take one of the Officiants, that gives us the three hencmen we need.  That creates the following list.



    • Voice of Dagon


    • Demogogue
    • Herder
    • Dagon Priest


    • Urchin
    • Urchin
    • Dagon Officiant

That leaves us 6 points, just like last time.  Still like the Flash Bang Grenade to help with the Urchins.  Previously I took Posion, but revisiting it, with the Voice of Dagon's Command Ability I think the Poison isn't as useful as first thought.  That leaves 5 points.  I always find a use for a reroll, so Bottled Courage is great for 2 points.  That leaves 3 points.  We'll take the Parachute.  Don't want anyone to die if they are thrown off a building.