Who they are:  The Guild is the “everyman” faction.  They are made up of various tradespeople along with the general citizenry of Venice.  They are also one half of the two-player starter.


General Playstyle:  While not focused in any one aspect of the game, they do get models with high Dexiterity (good for getting places and not being hit) along with Acrobatics to help in that getting places thing.  This also allows a diversity in list building as many units have synergies that allow you to tailor your list to your playstyle and the scenario at hand, though some may see this as a hinderance, as the synergies can create more needed combination of units than other factions.


Their main weakness is in the limited access to magic they are given.  This is compensated by their ability to take the Black Lamp, an anti-magic unit that helps to mitigate this weakness somewhat. 


In addition, they can have a bit of a hordes kind of feel as they often have slightly lower hit points counterbalanced with the Union ability some models have that give buffs when multiple models are in the fight.


Sample List:  The following is designed to be a playable 100 Ducat list.


  • Capodecina


  • Butcher 
  • Barber 
  • Recruiter


  • Citizen
  • Citizen
  • Arbalest


  • Lantern
  • Climbing Tools

This list is designed around a combination of the Guild Starter Gang box and the Rabble Rouser Box.  Led by the Capodecina, this list starts off hitting fast and hard from the rooftops.  Added to that is the Arbalest, their range helping to keep your enemies at bay, especially with their Union ability allowing bonuses against enemies tied up with two or more friendly models.  To help with this ability, the Butcher, a nice tank piece, and the Barber, with it’s ability to reroll two dice when a model tries to leave it’s base contact, along with a nice retaliatory strike from their bladed razor are included.  Additionally two citizens give additional opportunities to utilize the Union special rule, and a recruiter to bolster the Citizen’s Union ability along with using their command points to give extra attacks, or as a backup for initiative rolls to allow the Capodecina to be a front fighter without as much fear. Finally, a lantern to help deal with cover, and some climbing tools to get the Arbalest into position are included in the list.


(This article has been updated based on information from a member of the Carnevale The Miniatures Game Fan Page.  Thanks again.)