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Move - 1AP

The character is able to Move its MOV value in inches. This movement action can be used to Move over terrain features that are less than 1” high.

A character may not Move through another character, friendly or enemy.

At any point during a character’s Move action, if it is within base contact with difficult or vertical terrain that is taller than 1”, it may choose to climb the surface in any direction, provided it remains in base contact with the surface. To do so, make a Basic DEXERITY Roll.

SuccessMove up to remaining MOV.
FailStay in place and discard any remaing MOV.
CriticalAdd 2 to MOV value for this action. Move up to remaingin MOV.
FumbleThe character falls from its current position, following the Rules for falling.

(Please refer to difficult or vertical terrain for additional information.)

A Move action in water is considerred Swimming.