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Jumping -1AP

Pick a point within Line of Sight for your character to jump to that is no higher than 3” above the character’s base. Make a Basic DEXTERITY Roll to determine how far your character jumps, and consult the table below.

SuccessMove 2” plus up to 1” for every Ace rolled.
FailMove 2"
CriticalMove 4” plus up to 1” for every Ace rolled.
FumbleMove 1".

Move your character in a straight line towards the point nominated. This movement action can be used to Move over terrain features that are less than 1” high.

If you are able to place only part of its base on solid ground after Jumping over a gap you may Move the character up to 1” along the straight line so that it is on solid ground. If you roll a higher distance than the point nominated, the remaining distance can be moved horizontally along the same straight line as if making a Move action.

If you cannot place the character on solid ground, the character falls from its current position, following the Rules for falling. Distance fallen is calculated based on the height of the character at the start of the action rather than the start of the fall.

A character cannot jump while in water.

If the character lands on an obstacle or debris, it may make a Chained Jump.

A character may also declare a Controlled Landing.