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Grapple - 1AP

Make an Opposed Attack Roll with no modifiers against a target in base contact and consult the table below; needing 7+ for an Ace as normal.

An attacking character on a larger sized base than its opponent gains +1 ATTACK for this action.

SuccessMove the target 2" plus 1” for every Ace rolled.
FailNo Effect.
CriticalMove the target 2" plus 1” for every Ace rolled. Target receives a Stunned counter.
FumbleTarget character makes the Grapple action instead, using the same dice result.

A Grapple can cause the target to fall into water, off a building or any elevated terrain feature, in which case the Falling Rules apply. A Grapple cannot Move the character onto a point higher than 1” above where they started, although they do not have to be placed on solid ground.

A character that has been Grappled doesn’t cause Attack Of Opportunity for moving out of or into base contact, and the character performing the Grapple action is ignored for all movement during the Grapple (although the Grappled enemy cannot be placed on top of the character), ignoring the usual Rules regarding moving through characters.

A character can target a friendly character with a Grapple. If they do, the roll is simply counted as a Basic ATTACK Roll rather than an Opposed one.

FAQ Clarification: Grapple may be used if one or both of the models are in water.

''FAQ Clarification: The target number against a friendly model is 7+ like all Basic Roll (a Basic ATTACK Roll is different to an Attack Roll)."

"FAQ: Lewis Clarke from the Carnevale Facebook Group:
Grapple actually doesn't have "in line of sight" in the text, but that's an error - Combat, Grapple, and Drown all require you to be in line of sight, so if either character is affected by smoke, they can't attack or be attacked. "