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Dice Rolls

Carnevale uses 10 sided dice, often referred to as D10. Whenever the Rules refer to dice, it’s always assumed to be using a D10.

Whenever instructed to roll dice you will first need to calculate the amount of dice you need to roll. Take the number indicated for the attribute you need to roll for and apply any modifiers, such as weapon bonuses, Character Abilities, or being Stunned.

Any roll can never exceed a maximum of 10 dice and cannot be reduced below 0 dice.

A successful dice result is referred to as an Ace. Dice Rolls of 10 will always be an Ace, however a roll of 1 will never be an Ace.

Whenever you roll any dice, one of them must be the Destiny Dice, which should be a different colour to distinguish it. You must always have one Destiny Dice in each roll. If you’re only rolling one dice, that dice will be the Destiny Dice.

Certain Rules may allow you to re-roll one or more dice. Dice may only ever be re-rolled once and you must accept the second result even if it is worse than the first. Unless specifically stated, you may never re-roll the Destiny Dice.

Once both players have rolled their dice, the player whose activation it is may decide to re-roll dice first, then the opponent may decide to re-roll their dice.

All re-rolls for a single roll must be declared at the same time.

Successes, Failures, Criticals, and Fumbles

If a roll contains at least one Ace it is a success and follows the Rules listed. If an action contains no Aces, it fails and follows the fail Rules instead.

When rolling dice, the Destiny Dice acts just as any other dice in terms of Aces. However, results of 10 or a 1 will result in different outcomes depending on the action being performed.

Whenever the Destiny Dice roll is a 10 and you roll at least 1 other Ace, it is treated as a Critical. Follow the Rules shown for a Critical instead of the success Rules for that action. The Destiny Dice still counts as an Ace in a Critical roll.

Whenever the Destiny Dice roll is a 1 and you roll at least no other Aces, that roll is a Fumble. Follow the Fumble Rules for the action instead of the fail Rules.

FAQ Clarification: You can't choose to treat a Critical roll simply as a Success. It’s destiny.

Types of Rolls

In Carnevale there are five kinds of rolls; Basic Rolls, Opposed Rolls, Attack Rolls, Magic Rolls, and Protection Rolls.