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Combat - 1AP

Choose an enemy character in Line of Sight within your character’s weapon range (Note: if the character starts the action in water, refer to Combat in Water for special Rules). That enemy is the target of the attack. Make an Attack Roll using the character’s ATTACK stat. The result needed for an Attack Roll to be an Ace is equal to the target’s DEXTERITY value or higher. If you roll one or more Aces, the roll is a success.

SuccessInflict 1 point of damage on your opponent for every Ace rolled.
FailNo Effect.
CriticalYour opponent loses 1 Life Point, and takes 1 point of damage for every Ace rolled.
FumbleAttacker loses 1 Life Point and opponent makes an Attack Of Opportunity against the attacker.

Some Character Abilities or weapons will add additional modifiers to your Attack Roll.

Once you have determined how much damage your attack does, your target gets a chance to defend themselves. The target makes a Protection Roll.

For every 1 damage suffered after Protection Rolls, the target loses 1 Life Point.