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Building Your Gang

Characters in Carnevale group together into individual gangs. In most games you will control a single gang, but in some larger games you may have multiple gangs. Each will be comprised of a single leader and then various other characters. Each player is free to build a gang in any way, according to the Rules in this section.

All character profiles can be found in the gang Bulder at www.carnevalethegame.com


When building your gang, you will have a set number of Ducats to spend to recruit gang members. This will be agreed upon with your opponent before the game, or could be decided by the scenario you are playing.

Each character costs a certain number of Ducats, as do various special options.

There is a list of equipment that allows you to further customize your gang.


gangs vary wildly from faction to faction and even from game to game. However, all gangs are built around certain Rules. You will usually only use a single gang, but if your game is large enough, you may agree with your opponent to use multiple gangs. We reommend not using multiple gangs until playin ggames of 200 Ducats or higher.

Each gang must abide by the following Rules:

  • Every character in your gang must have the same Faction(x) keyword.
  • You must always have only one single character with the Leader keyword in your gang.
  • You may not have more characters in total with the Hero keyword than you have characters with the Henchman keyword.

In addition, no matter how many Ducats you are using, a character with the Unique keyword may only appear once in your gangs. The same character may appear in your opponent’s gang, but any Rules specifically relating to that Unique character will only work on your enemyCharacters|friendly)) one - the other is clearly an imposter, and should be treated as such!