Will Points (WP)

There are three ways of using Will Points (WP) in Carnevale: to modify characters’ rolls, to cast spells, and to activate certain special abilities. The Rules for casting spells are found under the Magic section and special abilities that use Will Points will be found on character’s profiles.

Before a character makes a dice roll, you may choose to spend up to 2 of their Will Points. Each Will Point spent increases that roll by 1 dice, up to the maximum of 10 dice. Note that using Will Points does not increase the character’s stats, just the amount of dice used in that roll.

When multiple players wish to use Will Points to modify the same dice roll, they can declare their use in any order. The roll does not proceed until each player decides not to use any more Will Points.

Note: Unlike Action Points, spent Will Power points do not automatically renew, but may be renewed by special abilities or similar Rules.