The canals of Venice are integral to the construction and life within the city, and so water is an incredibly important part to games of Carnevale. Many rules are affected by water, which are detailed in this section.


In Carnevale it is expected that your game will have several large waterways throughout your gaming area. A canal must be 4” wide, at minimum, and at least one must go from one edge of the board to the other. Moving into and out of canals takes 1”, and may be done so without any penalty or roll (with the exception of the -2 to MOVE for starting a movement in water), just like any other terrain feature that is 1” high.


When a character is in water they are considered to be swimming.

A character reduces its MOV value by 2 if it starts a movement action in water, unless it has the Water Creature special rule.


Combat in Water

A character who is swimming may only use weapons with the Aquatic Ability, unless the character started its action outside of water. (for example, jumping into Base Contact with a character from the side of the canal) (target’s DEXTERITY or higher for an Ace).


Casting in Water

A character cannot cast a spell in water unless it ahs the Water Creature special rule.

Diving - 2AP

Make a Basic DEXTERITY Roll (7+ for an Ace):

SuccessReceive 1 Underwater Counter.
FailNo Effect.
CriticalReceive 2 Underwater Counter.
FumbleLose 1 Life Point.

For each Underwater Counter a character has, it gains +2 PROTECTION. A character must remove all Underwater Counters when it makes another action.

If a character starts an activation with any number of Underwater Counters, you may remove the counters and immediately move the character up to 4”, as long as it stays in the water.

If it has the Water Creature special rule, it may move up to 8” instead.

FAQ Clarification: “instead” is the key word here. So for each Underwater Counter the character may move 4” or 8” if it’s a Water Creature. So yes, a Critical roll on a dive means a Water Creature can go a massive 16.

Drown - 1AP

To make a Drown action, choose an enemy character in line of sight in base contact and in water to be the target of the attack. Make an Opposed ATT Roll and consult the table below.

An attacking character on a larger sized base than its opponent gains +1 ATTACK for this action.

A character with the Water Creature Character Ability can not be the target of a Drown action.


SuccessTarget character loses 2 Life Points, plus 1 for Life Point for every Ace rolled.
FailNo Effect.
CriticalTarget character loses 4 Life Points, plus 1 for Life Point for every Ace rolled.
FumbleAttacker loses 2 Life Points.
FAQ Clarification:  A character with Water Creature speical rule still takes the 2 Life Point loss from a Drown fumble, even though they are immune to Drown.


If a character starts its activation in water and has a Stunned counter, it loses 2 Life Points.