If a character ends its movement or is moved onto a position that it cannot be wholly placed on solid ground, it counts as falling.

When a character falls, Move it vertically straight down until it can be placed on solid ground and discard any of its remaining movement distance for the action.

When a character falls farther than 1” it losses Life Points equal to the distance in inches fallen. Make a Basic DEXTERITY Roll to avoid harm, consulting the table below.

SuccessReduce Life Points LoSt by 1 for each Ace rolled.
FailThe character suffers the full effects of the fall.
CriticalReduce Life Points lost by 2 plus 1 for each Ace rolled.
FumbleThe character suffers the full effects of the fall and gains a Stunned counter.

Falling into water: reduce Life Points from a fall by 2.

FAQ Clarification: If a character falls into base contact, they get to make an Attack Of Opportunity, and get the bonus to Attacking from Above (provided they fall from 3” or higher and survive their fall damage first).