Command Points

A character may use their Command Points to help the rest of their gang. A character has an amount of Command Points on their profile to last the entire game.

You may use Command Points in four different ways, but each character may only use these options once each per round:

  • You may spend 1 Command Point to make a single out of sequence action with any friendly character within Line of Sight of the character using the Command Point. This can be done at any time after an enemy character has completed an action (but before Attacks of Opportunity, and not immediately after another out of sequence activation). The action taken may be any of those that the character could make, and costs 0AP. It may initiate an Attack Of Opportunity. This extra action does not affect the character’s activation in any way

FAQ Clarification: The out of sequence activation does not count as an activation for purposes of a follow on out of sequence activation. Therefore there must be a minimum of one normal activation between each out of sequence activation performed.

“FAQ Clarification: Some clarifications on multiple Out of Order activations:
1. Player with Initiative gets to make their action first.
2. Any other friendly character should be used.
3. Each use of Command Points can only be used once per character per round. If you have lots of characters with Command Points, you could potentially make lots of out of sequence actions, but ONLY one at a time. You’re making your out of sequence action immediately after a DIFFERENT action or activation, not immediately after ANOTHER out of sequence action.
Example: Capo makes a Move action. End of action so the Lesser Ugdru then makes an out of sequence Move action.
Capo makes a jump action to jump into base contact with a Slave. End of action so the Lesser Ugdru makes an out of sequence Move action into base contact with the Capo and makes a free Attack Of Opportunity. Capo then makes an Attack Of Opportunity against the Slave.
Capo then makes a combat action against the Lesser Ugdru but doesn’t kill it. End of action AND activation so the Lesser Ugdru makes an out of sequence combat action.
Capo’s activation is over. Lesser Ugdru used 3 Command Point from 3 DIFFERENT characters in Line of Sight. Was it worth it? Who knows!

  • At the start of an activation or after completing an action, a character may use a Command Ability for 1 Command Point. Command Abilities are unique to characters and factions. Each of these will be detailed on a character’s profile or in the relevant faction Rules. Only one Command Ability may be used during each character’s activation, no matter how many a character has access to. A character using a Command Ability only needs to have Line of Sight to the target if the ability states. Command Abilities affect characters at the time of use, unless otherwise stated in the ability.

  • At the start of the game, after drawing Agendas, you may use 1 Command Point to discard an Agenda and draw another one. This may only be done once per Agenda.

Rules Clarification: If you use a Command Point to reflip the Agenda, you must keep the new Agenda even if it is worse that the original one.
FAQ Clarification: Abilities activated by Command Points activate immediately. Anyone in range at the momement gets the benefit until it says it wears off.

Note: Unlike Action Points, spent Command Points do not automatically renew, but may be renewed by special abilities or similar Rules.