Base Contact

For certain attacks and abilities characters must be in base contact with each other. Characters are in base contact when their bases are touching or both character’s bases are within 1” touching the same debris|obstacle that is 1” or shorter.

Note that due to small walls or other terrain features in Carnevale, there may be some height discrepancies. Miniatures are assumed to be in base contact if there is 1” or less in vertical distance between bases.

When a character makes an Attack against an enemy in base contact, the enemy does not gain any bonuses for being in Cover. If a character is in base contact due to touching the same debris|obstacle)), the enemy character always counts as being in Cover.

FAQ Clarification: The one inch vertical distance works for all Rules involving base to base contact such as Attacks of Opportunity

“FAQ Clarification: For any weapon that has a range of greater than 0”, measurement can be performed from any point of the attacking model to any point of the target or directly from base to base.”

If a character is in base contact with three or more enemy characters, it suffers -1 DEXTERITY.