Attack Of Opportunity

An Attack Of Opportunity is counted as a regular action, but costs 0AP. A character cannot choose to make an Attack Of Opportunity, but may be instructed to for many reasons (such as moving into base contact with an enemy).

Choose either to make a combat action, a Grapple action, or a Drown action. Treat the Attack Of Opportunity as a normal action of that type, with any and all Character Abilities or modifiers that might apply.

FAQ Clarification: Unlike Chain Jumps, Attack of Opportunities are not limited to one per activation.

FAQ Clarification: If a character falls into base contact, they get to make an Attack Of Opportunity, and get the bonus to Attacking from Above (provided they fall from 3” or higher and survive their fall damage first).

FAQ Clarification: The movement from Dive will cause and Attack Of Opportunity if it is used to disengage from or charge an enemy.