Many Scenarios in Carnevale will have secondary objectives for gangs to acheieve, called Agendas. On their own, Agendas often won’t win a game, but coudl timp the scales in your favour. Each scenario will note how many Agendas each player should use, how many Victory Points they score, and any additional Rules for them. When you have filled the criteria for the Agenda it is caled achieving it. At the end of each round, check to see if you have achieved any Agendas. Any achieved Agendas score the number of Victory Points detailed in the scenario.

Scenarios can use any of the following Agenda Rules:

  • Secret: When taking your Agendas, keep them secret from your opponent unitl they’re acheieved. If a scenario doesn’t have this rule, players can see ther player’s Agendas.
  • Cycle: When you score Vitory Points for an Agenda, immediately draw another one.
  • Double: When you achieve an Agenda, rather trhan immediately soring Victory Points for it, you may choose to keep it in play. If you achieve it again it scores double Victory Points. If you do not achieve it again durig the game, you do not score any Victory Points. An Agenda may only be kept in play once.
  • Total: You must achieve all of your Agendas to score their Victory Points. If you don’t achieve every Agenda, you don’t score any Victory Points from them but may still score Victory Points from the Primary objective.
  • Secondary: You must score at least one Agenda in order to score any Victory Points in the game from any sources.

Agendas are drawn randomaly from the list at the back of the rulebook. Agenda cards are available to make this process easier, but you can instead roll two dice to randomly determine which Agendas are drawn. Teh first dice dteremins which table to use, and the second dice determines the Agenda itself. After drawing all your Agendas, if there are any that are completely impossible or duplicate, discard them adn draw replacements instead.

For example, drawing the Unholy Power Agenda to make three cast Spell actions in one activation when you have no characters with the Mage special rule.

FAQ Clarification: On Agenda Cards: Technically you’d need a pack each, but unless your opponent draws all the easy ones, a shared deck won’t really be an issue!